Time In Football

Janos Kis

Time in football / tiempo en el fútbol

More than 30 years of experience

5x NB I National Futsal Champion
14. hely Európai Futsal ranking a Gödöllő
3x Futsal Hungarian Cup
3x NB II Futsal Championship
2x Futsal Junior Championship (U-17)
2x Futsal Junior Championship (U-20)
1x Hungarian beach football champion


A sense of freedom is essential to me; maybe it has always been the most important principle in my life. I feel free when I can create and accomplish something. What bothers me is when they want to stop me or want to distract me. My well-wishing critics say that I have no willingness to compromise, even though I do. True, this willingness just flickers sometimes, but it is not my fault, it is the environment in which I live. I detest lies and appreciate honesty and straightforwardness above all else. Something must have gone wrong in me as a child: I never do anything out of self-interest or mere courtesy because it would not be me. I never get involved in anything I disagree with; what is wrong is wrong, so how can you say it is right when it is not?

I always stay young inside; my friends keep saying I am a big kid, but I need to have fun because I only want to see smiling faces around me. I want to stay like this forever, as this is who I am. It is good to love, it is a nice thing to hug my love, it feels good to be careless or just simply happy. I could have had an easier life, but it would not have been mine. I can always look at myself in the mirror because I see the person I want to see, and the person others see in me…


I never wanted to be a coach. I always wanted to play football; I was the child of the grund. I do not even know why I applied for the lowest level coaching license D about thirty years ago. Was it just because I needed a certificate? I have no idea, but it was certainly not my life goal to become a football coach.

Now it may be worthwhile to reflect on who and what I am. Or more precisely, who and what I have become. Looking back, would I change anything in my past in light of my present?

The truth is, there is no man on Earth I would swap my life with, as there are things working in me that I would not want any other way. In all honesty, I am almost completely happy; I can even say I have found professional balance in my life. I have written and thus passed on everything I have accumulated over the years, which makes me happy and complete. I really do not want anyone’s position; there is no rank or title I would want to fight for. I have never counted my awards, medals, and trophies – these are all just numbers and data for me. It feels good to create something new and prove my worth to myself and others, to understand time and find balance and harmony in my soul and self. I am grateful to fate for giving me the life I have, and for having been able to experience and understand the things I have seen and gone through.

Carry on…

It is important to have people who carry on the torch, who understand and are willing and able to put into practice what I have written. We need people in the future who will prove the validity of our system of thought. Those who understand and realize our ideas will find joy in this sport, as from now on they are the architects of their own future. I am thankful to Cruyff for opening my eyes and having such a great influence on me with his ideas and philosophy.

The feeling!

Feelings are important, both in work and life, and of course, love! It is crucial to have BALANCE in one’s life between family, football (work), friends, and love. Maybe we realize the importance of balance too late or find it too late, but once we have it, it can set us off, so we would not let it go for the world. But we men tend to ruin things; we make mistakes and realize them only when it is too late. At such times, we need to get the feeling back to survive. We have this feeling when we hug our child, or when we experience something that gives us the urge to create something, to be better than anyone else, or to show the world who we are…


Sometimes inexplicable things happen in one’s life. I am completely sure that there are invisible bonds between people, and when they meet, they instantly know they belong together, and even if they must be far away from each other physically, they never depart from each other in spirit. When you love someone truly, a bond is formed between the two of you, which is stronger than chemistry or physics, and it conquers time and space. I have no idea what it is, but I know it exists because I have experienced it – the moment when the thought, the feeling, the pain, and the love spring up in both of you…

A big hug to all of you…

Conclusion: If I may give a piece of advice to all of you, I would suggest that you write a book. Put it on paper and share your thoughts with the readers, the way I did it. I shared my knowledge and secrets (all but one), and now I shared my life, so now I am really an open book. You never know how much time you have left, but my question is: what is worth more in your life, several years of ignorance or one day of FREEDOM?

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